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Web2Text Ltd offers personal and corporate eMarketing service. Here you can create and self-manage your own (or perhaps your client's) Text campaigns....online, nothing to download or install!! With We we offer state of the art eCampaign management tools, secure server account access, list rental and detailed campaign reporting. We also offers opt-in and double opt-in Text management.

  • Text lists
  • eDatabase Building & Text collection
  • Self Managed eCampaigns
  • Text Validation & Lifestyle List Building
  • Automatic Responder Page Generation
  • eNewsletter Delivery
  • Reporting Tracking and Results
  • eMedia Design
  • Sampling
  • eCosts

Text lists
Web2Text Ltd aims to provide you with targeted and opted-in personal e-mail addresses. We believe this is the only type of list that will deliver real results to your new customer acquisition campaign or help maintain a loyal newsletter readership.

Self Managed Digital Marketing
What you really need with a fast medium is what you would expect. Locate the list, write the campaign message and fire it off...on your own and FAST!! That is the what we offer. With your own protected section of our secure website, you will already have selected and ordered the list and it has been placed in your secure folder. You chose your own brand stored message template.....and its done!!

Automatic Responder Page Generation
For clients who wish to harvest information as a direct reply to the message going out, we can supply a branded response page service. This page will collect and collate the responses, forward and track the responders to your targeted click through points (a page or form on your website or your clients website). This provides automatic and valuable opt-in information. In addition this keeps your eCampaign credible and shows your business to be a responsible and ethical eMarketeer.

Reporting Tracking and results
Unlike traditional direct mail marketing, as soon as your Texts have been delivered, We creates a specific campaign report. It knows who on the list has opened their message and when. It tracks all the click throughs from the message, your responder page to all targeted links. In addition the tracking and reporting will allow you to accurately map how your campaigns unfold and how the trail to point of sale develops. This is key to the success of the system. No longer do you have to wait weeks to collate the results of a traditional mail marketing exercise with no real data on how many items got to their target and how they responded and when.

We offers you the option to test the effectiveness of the eCampaign message and adjust accordingly after considering the results. You can send a number of different messages to different groups of recipients, measure the results and complete your campaign with the most effective messages.

Text address Validation & Lifestyle List Building - You may already have a customer

Opt In List Building, Management & Text address collection
Your company may already have a sizable customer or prospect database. What it lacks are personal e-mail addresses. Web2Text Ltd can update and clean the database through email and telephone contact, on your behalf. Care will be taken to record permissions given to receive future emails. If it is deemed appropriate, we can design a topic of interest or lifestyle form for the customers to respond to, based on your service or products.

Prospect or newsletter Text database that you have collected from your company website or a previous marketing campaigns. You know that there is further business potential for the list but are unsure how to gain the maximum benefit of it. We can help you turn this asset into a valuable opt-in prospecting tool by adding 'Lifestyle' values. Lifestyle values are gained by directing the list members to answer specific yes/no (tick box) questions that are relevant to areas in which they have an interest; and a synergy exists with a product or service that you provide. We will simultaneously update, validate and clean the list, leaving you with a target specific database of prospects for future campaigns.

Not convinced about text messaging. We have a number of clients who combine mondern methords of communications with more traditional marketing material, print etc. We use PrintUK.com
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Sending texts via a pc has helped on Essex business develop a large client base of frequent shoppers in under 6 months for less money than conventional marketing tools.

Sending texts via a pc has helped on Essex business develop a large client base of frequent shoppers in under 6 months for less money than conventional marketing tools.

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