WEb2text is one of the most modern, safe and cheapest ways to send text messages direct from your PC, desktop or Ipad. If you are looking to send text for free then we have a trial service which is also free. Afterwards you would have to subscribe to one of our PC to phone packages which start at &pound:10 for 1000 texts. Please note that we do have SPAM free policies and proof on mobile number opt in is required for text braodcasts of over 1,000,000.



Create a free account and log in to create your first free text, just follow the instructions and fill in the mobile phone number and then the message. Please note your account can also receive text messages through our own dynamic phone number system, that creates a temporary cell number for you to receive texts on.


We are offering the 10,000th person to sign up a chance to conqueror Everest in 90 days a free all inclusive holiday provided by WEB2TEXT.